Personal Success Calendars
Individualized Daily Vedic Astrology Insights

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Know at a glance the best, mixed, and
worst days of the year for your

business events cash flow
social activities health
romantic liasons creativity
vacations writing/communication

Take control of your daily life by better
understanding the ebb and flow of your
personal and professional cycles.

It is said that timing is everything. Astrology is all about understanding timing and no system of astrology is more predictive or specific on the topic of timing than Vedic astrology. I have spent years studying the astrological influences that create positive and challenging timing. I have put those years of study into a personal calendar that you can use daily to understand your life.

Personal Success calendars are created by tracking the motions of all of the planets through your entire natal birth chart - all your planetary positions and houses

Personal Success calendars are not designed just with your Sun or Moon sign
in mind. Making predictions just on your Sun or Moon sign is like
assessing your car by looking only at the muffler.

Light, simple symbols indicate very advanced, specific
astrological influences just for you.

The calendar is presented on thick, quality photo paper. Each month has an accompanying photo of flowers and butterflies, nature scenes, or deep space. The fee for 13 months is $150 plus shipping and handling. Purchase three and get a fourth for free!

“I now know on a daily basis which days to avoid starting new projects, which days to concentrate on writing or interior work, and on which days the success stars shine! It is fabulously helpful and I love it. Run, don’t walk, to get yours!”
Chellie Campbell, financial coach and author , The Wealthy Spirit
“My calendar is a wonderful guide. When it said my business would do well, it did very well. When it said to watch my mouth, I should have watched my mouth! When I’m down, it comforts me by letting me know when I’ll be happier.”
Shelly Brinkman , Organizational Consultant
“The Calendar is unbelievably accurate. I’m more mindful of my mood and how to interact with people. I have more perspective and feel more prepared, which gives me more peace of mind.”
Susan Callida , Advertising Executive
“Carol’s calendars are simply great! I consult it every single day to get an idea of what might be in store. Not only are they informational, they are also fun. It has truly shaped my life for the better.”
LeeAnn Webster , owner of Single Solutions
“The calendar has been very accurate for many things. Eerily so….”
Anne Norda , writer and filmmaker