For two decades now I've been counseling clients in the area of compatibility and relationships. I have seen too many couples whose charts indicated perfect compatibility yet were miserable, and numerous others whose charts indicated mediocre or poor compatibility, yet were happy. Why? Because the first group did not have the skills or tools to be successful in relationships, and the second group did!

​I've sought out the most cutting-edge research which I share with clients - men and women - one on one and in workshop and time and time again it works. I can tell you:

  • ​The neurological, emotional, sexual, hormonal, and verbal differences between men and women
  • The nine stages of a healthy relationship
  • What to do if you’re an “Alpha Female”
  • Why men marry some women and not others
  • The four worst behaviors that precede a break-up
  • How to make your partner be inspired to please you
  • How to “divorce proof” your marriage
  • How to revive a dying or "dead" relationship
“As a psychotherapist, I believed many of the answers to my life struggles would be found in years of therapy, yet no one has been able to enlighten me as Carol has. I owe my marriage and my family to Carol.”
S.A.E., Psychologist , Chino, CA
“I first talked to Carol in June of 2002. My husband had just announced that he no longer wanted to be married. I was devastated. Carol directed me to new ways of relating to my husband. Because of her I was able to identify what was going wrong in the marriage instead of just watching it crash. Carol’s advice changed the dynamics of my marriage. Now at the end of April of 2005, my husband wants to get remarried. We are closer than we have been in years. Carol is a Godsend.”
E.S., Teacher , Ventura, CA
“Carol is a natural. Her instinctual ability to get to the ‘heart’ of the matter in relationships and to get her clients to come along with her, at their pace, is matched by her warmth, intellect, and humanity. She is a treasure.”
S.P.H., M.D. Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry , Cornell University
“I just got home and wanted to share my thoughts with you. First of all, I am one of those people who looked for excuses not to come all day today. What got me there was my not wanting to let you down and me wanting to keep my committment. So I made it. I’m not one for ‘group’ therapy, or sharing experiences with strangers. About 15 minutes into it I was already writing (in my head) my email to you about why I didn’t think the workshop was for me. And when one of the women shared she got really emotional about her story and I really felt uncomfortable. Then something magical happened. I became open. I realized there was a lot to be learned from the other women. I felt compassion towards the other women. You enlightened me in a profound way. I am soooooooooooooooooo glad I came tonight. So, thank you! You were awesome. You were articulate. You were funny. You made me want to come back for more!”
L.A., Real Estate Agent , Pasadena, CA
“Over the years Carol Allen has helped me become the best me that I can be. Her sense of humor, intelligence and sensitivity have guided me through many life perils (relationships and otherwise)! Her newest workshop is the evolution of all her years of study and packs in the best versions of single girl ‘rules,’ married ladies ‘bringing the romance back’ as well as successful techniques for communicating with EVERYONE in your life, not just your significant other. I approach every relationship now with the a different vision. I know that in my heart I want the best for both of us and every day it is now a pleasure (and not such hard work) to make that a possibility.”
D.B., Fashion Executive , Los Angeles, CA
“At first, I complained, cried, got angry and re-told my story on how horrible my husband was. I had the ‘could you believe him!’ conversation probably 20 times with 20 of my friends and family…all of which said that I would be better off without him. But, at the end of the day, I loved him and it only made me feel worse that I was starting to feel such resentment towards a man I once adored. I had nearly lost all hope when I went to see Carol. Carol listened to me as I told her my ordeal. She agreed that he was being a jerk and comforted me but then did something different…she helped me understand HIM and HIS side. When she spoke about his side, it was as if she KNEW him. She gave me tips on how to better ‘manage’ my husband and coached me through it. It was as if she put together a ‘Dummies Manual’ on MY HUSBAND. She was always available to help me get through tough moments, my slip ups and assured me that if I trusted her, things would work out! After six weeks of ‘training,’ my husband moved back into our home and our relationship has never been better. When and if we do argue, our ‘fights’ last 5-15 minutes instead of 5-15 days. We adore each other and I’ve never felt more secure in our love for one another. Carol helped me ‘reel in’ my husband by teaching me to let my husband be the handsome, manly man that he is. She taught me that I could be a strong, smart alpha female without having to lose my fantastic femininity. Carol truly has taught me the tools to ensure that our relationship will be one filled with love and respect. I would never consider her my therapist, relationship coach or astrologer, but my friend. I have her to thank for the happiness that I am currently experiencing with my husband and owe her a million thanks for her warmth, guidance and support.”
I.M., Casting Director , Valencia, CA
“Carol’s insight into relationships is eye-opening and ground-breaking. Positive relationship role models were scarce in my upbringing. Before Carol, the only relationship advice that I was given was that once I marry, I should keep a secret bank account. Obviously, I was lacking in any real knowledge about how to function in successful, loving relationships. So, I jumped at the chance to participate in Carol’s relationship workshop. I knew there was so much more to learn beyond ‘He’s Just Not THAT Into You.’ Boy did Carol deliver! She created a fun and safe space to share her research to a group of women—single, divorced, married and everywhere in between. These past eight weeks have been among the most transformational in my life. Her eye-opening information and warm, honest and diplomatic style helped me pave new pathways for my behaviors and belief systems. Among the most significant changes is that I’ve stopped worrying about everyone else and shifted my focus to taking care of myself. Consequently, my personal and family relationships have dramatically improved. I am shocked at how so many people are showing up for me—meeting me way more than half-way! I am truly grateful for being part of an amazing group of women, learning from Carol and from each other. Hooray for Carol!”
P.H, Fashion Designer , Santa Monica, CA