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Carol Allen, Vedic Astrologer & Relationship Coach, is featured in several fascinating articles & interviews on relationships, astrology, and much more!

Give Me A Sign

Whether single, married, divorced, or whatever other status you choose to fall under, admittedly, we all seem to be obsessed with finding true love and how to make sure it lasts once we (finally) have it   The ever-popular question you always ask the best friend of “What do you think it means when…?” never […]

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From The…

Stop the presses. Put down the personals. Don’t go on another blind date! I have found the way to find your ‘Mr. Right’!Ok. Here’s the scoop…   It doesn’t happen often…but sometimes- there’s the rare occasion…that I am left speechless. Such was the case the other day when I sat down with Vedic Astrologer, Carol […]

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The Daily Candy

Sage advice is hard to come by. It’s either unwarranted (Mom), unhelpful (friend-on-the-verge), or inopportune (late-night infomercials). If you’ve been seeking counsel from the Magic 8-ball or your Ouija board, more power to you. But it’s time you went more old school. Like thousands of years old.Vedic astrology has been used in India since 7000 […]

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Signs Of Love – By Carol Allen

As a Vedic astrologer, I am a big believer in omens. Vedic astrology, the ancient system of astrology of India, teaches that there are signs around us at all times pointing us where we need to go or revealing hidden truths and information.I’ve observed many omens while in session with clients and at important events […]

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“Carol Allen oozes warmth, wit, and wisdom!”Arielle Ford, The Ford Group – La Jolla, CA(Author of The Soulmate Secret, Wabi Sabi Love, and the Hot Chocolate For The Mystical Lover series.) “Carol Allen is definitely fulfilling her purpose on the planet. When she’s doing this work you can just tell she is living her destiny.”Lisa […]

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  The American Council of Vedic Astrology – Thomas Ashley-Farrand, author of Healing Mantras – Kala Software, Vedic Astrology software, excellent Vedic Astrology books, instructional video – William Levacy, excellent in-depth astrology reports, Vedic astrology Ephemeris/Panchanga,author of Beneath A Vedic Sky – Kartar Diamond, excellent Compass School Feng Shui Consultantand author […]

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