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Sage advice is hard to come by. It's either unwarranted (Mom), unhelpful (friend-on-the-verge), or inopportune (late-night infomercials). If you've been seeking counsel from the Magic 8-ball or your Ouija board, more power to you. But it's time you went more old school. Like thousands of years old.
Vedic astrology has been used in India since 7000 B.C. For the last thirteen years Carol Allen has been one of its few American practitioners. A rare combination of two otherwise opposite concepts -- down-to-earth and astrologer -- Carol is cooler than karma. Her straight advice and easy-to-understand interpretations of your "stuff" makes no mention of past lives, seventh houses, or any other esoteric crap. She tells it like it is and covers the very challenges you want to know about: love, money, career, which cutie to date, and when to sell your stock. (Where was she two years ago when we needed that?)

With a lifetime of industry networking, Carol's a great resource for referrals, from nutritionists to insurance brokers to life coaches. Information you can use.

Unless, that is, your Magic 8-ball's on a hot streak.

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