Astrology is the study of the effects of the motions of the planets on the tides of civilizations, world events, and individual lives.

It has been in existence for many thousands of years and has helped to shape and influence some of the greatest civilizations in recorded history: Those of the Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, Romans, Babylonians, Greeks and Mayans, to name a few.

Some of the greatest intellectual thinkers in the world have believed in and utilized astrology. "Astrology" comes from the Greek work Astron which means "star" and legein, which means "speak." Dante declared astrology "the highest, noblest, and without defect." Kepler, Bacon, Pythagoras, and Democrates were all well educated and versed in astrology. The ancient Hebrews called the astrologer asphe which means "the mouthpiece of the star." It is written that Newton was drawn to mathematics and astronomy by the observation and contemplation of an astrological figure in the heavens. It is only in modern times that astrology has fallen into disrepute or seen as merely fortune-telling or silly entertainment.

A chart or horoscope for a person or event is the map of the positions of the planets at the birth of that individual or situation. This is based on the theory that each moment has within it the seeds of its fruit, i.e., by looking at the forces of nature in effect at the outset of something tells you all about the outcomes that will follow as the wheels of time turn. It is said that one's horoscope is God's wish for that person. The astrologer is thus deemed, "The mouth of God" as he/she is the interpreter of the map that God has designed.

Having your astrological chart analyzed can enable you to understand the influences affecting your life - past, present, and future. By seeing into these periods, you can make peace with your past and understand not only what actions to take to make the most of your present, but how to plan for the future. You can determine whether or not to move, if you are in the right career, when you'll meet Mr. or Miss Right, when you should try to conceive, what health problems you may have, how to avoid them, and on and on. Every facet of a person's life can be illuminated with the aid of astrology.

When it comes to life, ignorance is definitely not bliss. It is for this reason that astrology has been revered and respected for so long and survives to this day as an extremely useful tool for the upliftment of mankind.
Much of the preceding information was taken from Hindu Predictive Astrology by B.V Raman.