"Carol Allen oozes warmth, wit, and wisdom!"
Arielle Ford, The Ford Group - La Jolla, CA
(Author of The Soulmate Secret, Wabi Sabi Love, and the Hot Chocolate For The Mystical Lover series.)

"Carol Allen is definitely fulfilling her purpose on the planet. When she's doing this work you can just tell she is living her destiny."
Lisa Gar,
Radio Host, The Aware Show, KPFK (A Pacifica Station on which Carol is featured regularly)
Los Angeles, CA

"We have a lot of astrologers on as guests and I have a lot of connections with people who are good. Carol is as accurate as anybody I have ever talked to."
Doug Stephan, who said this live on the air
The Doug Stephan Show (on which Carol is featured regularly-syndicated to over 300 stations in all 50 states.)

"Carol is marvelously entertaining while giving us invaluable information at the same time. I am happy to refer her to anyone I know who needs to book an enjoyable and uplifting speaker for any event - she's the best!"
Chellie Campbell
Author of The Wealthy Spirit and Zero To Zillionaire
Los Angeles, CA

"Carol is an awesome guest! I asked her for repeat performances!"
Katie Boland
Radio Host, The Zone (A Disney Station)
Los Angeles, CA

"Carol loves what she does and that clearly comes across in her presentation. She laughs a lot and creates a real connection with her audience. I would highly recommend her as an engaging and well-informed speaker."
Hari Bhajan Khalsa
Chairwoman - Women of the Creative and Healing Arts
Los Angeles, CA

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