"Carol told me if I looked in a three-week period I would find my divine residence. I was thinking I just can't do it that fast. I found a place just when she said and was in escrow before I knew it. My place is perfect."
Shelly Brinkman, Consultant

"Carol predicted that I would marry again; 'the real husband.' My husband and I got together in the same time-frame that Carol had foretold four years before. Our relationship is so happy and effortless, (just as Carol had said) that other people are drawn to us as an example of a great marriage."
Karen Nelson, AFlac Insurance Agent

"When I found myself single after many years of marriage, a friend recommended that I ask Carol about the compatibility of my dates. I have been astonished at the uncanny accuracy of Carol's predictions ofthe joys and hurdles in the various relationships in which I've been involved."
L.L., Trial Lawyer

"The first two times I was pregnant, Carol predicted I would have girls, and that the pregnancies would be difficult but that all would be well. My daughters are the joy of my life."
Diane Chandler, Wife of NFL Quarterback Chris Chandler

"I always remained skeptical about astrology. Carol told me this year I'd fall in love and have a divine relationship. I did and I'm happy as a clam. Now that's incredible."
Joseph Kaiser, Photographer

"When Carol finished reading my chart, she recommended herbal remedies - the same ones my acupuncturist had already prescribed for me! Also, she said I would be receiving a diamond within three months. I actually did within three weeks! She does more than answer questions. She sees the real YOU.'"
Kim Fine, Professional Organizer

"In my first Vedic astrology reading with Carol, she predicted that I would meet the love of my life and marry in six years. As the time finally drew near, Carol gave me the best time to start internet dating. Within one month, the man who was to be my future husband wrote to me. We married one year later, exactly the time Carol predicted. Carol chose the wedding date and time and it was a truly magical ceremony. As we approach our first anniversary, we are incredibly grateful to have found such love and happiness."D.C., Lawyer

"I had a Vedic chart done for my daughter. It was really interesting to see how accurate it was in describing her personality, character, health, etc. It has become a great parenting tool."
Name withheld upon request

"Carol helped my husband and I understand each other better so that we could give up the need for power and control."
Cheryl Planert, Yoga Teacher and Dance Movement Therapist

"I went to Carol emotionally drained after my boyfriend had suddenly and inexplicably broken off our four year relationship. Her certainty that things would remain the same for some time but eventually work themselves out proved to be 100% accurate. After weeks of predicted communication cut off, we got back together and now, a year and one half later, are engaged and living in a house we recently bought together."
Karen Seeburg, Casting Director